We can assist you with your VAT affairs, whether it be registering for VAT, deciding which is the most cost effective and tax efficient VAT method for your business to adopt or simply completing and submitting your VAT return online.

When registering for VAT there are many different types of VAT schemes to consider. We will sit down with you at the outset and discuss the options with you, deciding which VAT scheme is best suited to your business. We will then assist by completing your online registration through our HMRC agent portal.

Once registered we can assist with the preparation, review or online submission of your quarterly VAT returns working closely with you to either prepare your VAT return from books of prime entry, or reviewing the calculations performed by you prior to submission, giving you piece of mind that the information submitted is timely and accurate.

With VAT rules and legislation becoming ever more complex, it is easy for mistakes and errors to creep in. If you have a qualified accountant preparing and submitting your VAT returns it gives you piece of mind that the information submitted to HM Revenue & Customs is both timely and accurate. Furthermore, should your business ever be subject to an VAT investigation, we are best placed to defend you to HMRC (see tax investigations above)

Contact us to see how we can help with VAT returns.