For many clients a financial year end passes with little thought or relevance. We like to take the opportunity of taking the time to meet you around the nine month mark to assess how the business is performing and what, if any, tax or strategic planning measures need to be implemented pre year end.

It is a simple, yet very effective task to ensure that you and your business not only start the new financial year on a proactive and productive footing but also, that any potential tax saving opportunities are maximised so far as possible. For example, to take advantage of pension planning, the contribution into the scheme must be made before the relevant “year end”. Or to maximising tax relief for expenditure incurred on plant and machinery, there are conditions that must be met before the “year end” which determine whether expenditure has been “incurred” for these purposes.

We always strive to advise businesses and individuals on how they can maximise personal tax efficiency before their year end has passed.

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